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Sigma360 Launches Global Risk Event Tracker

Oct 05, 2023, NEW YORK - Sigma360, the definitive risk decisioning software platform for risk and compliance teams, announces a free-to-use Global Risk Event Tracker that delivers AI-driven adverse media capabilities. The launch of this tracker coincides with the conclusion of the ACAMS Assembly Conference and is designed to illustrate the rapid changes in risk facing firms who operate globally.

The Global Risk Event Tracker automatically monitors thousands of world events drawn from over 220,000 sources, with translations in over 50 languages and covering four major regions and 16 sub-regions. Using the comprehensive heatmap, compliance leaders can identify increasing and decreasing risk trends across all global news events during the past 7 days when compared to the previous 7-day window.

Quickly navigate risk event delta changes across Sigma360’s proprietary risk event taxonomy, which includes 18 distinct event types such as arms trafficking, human rights violation, financial crimes and environmental crimes. 

For example, highlights in risk trends over the last week include:

  • A rise in legal risk events in North America associated with a Deutsche Bank subsidiary fine to settle money laundering charges

  • A rise in legal and financial crime risk events in East Asia driven by reporting on Evergrande’s chairman coming under investigation in China

  • A rise in regulatory risk events in Western Europe as Europe’s richest man, Bernard Arnault, comes under scrutiny for potential money laundering and ties to Russia

  • A rise in narcotics risk events in Eastern Europe tied to arrests of Albanian gang members who were engaged in widespread drug trafficking operations

  • A rise in regulatory risk in Mid & Southern Africa associated with arrests associated with tender fraud in South Africa 
In addition to the Global Risk Event Tracker, Sigma360 also announces the “Risk Intelligence Data Desk” to provide investigative journalists access to breaking information. The Risk Intelligence Data Desk includes:

  • Access to a risk and compliance Knowledge Center.
  • Risk professionals available for comment on breaking global financial crime and other risk events; previously interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, New York Times, Bloomberg and the Financial Times.
  • Direct, on background feedback with context available exclusively via the Sigma360 platform, which is linked to a proprietary data engine powered by over 100 billion data points across 195 countries.

To learn more, request comment or access insights, please connect with our team.

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