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Let's discuss how Sigma360 can work for you.

By talking to the team you'll get an understanding of Sigma's capabilities and how our technology can seamlessly improve your existing workflows.

Our no-obligation demos allow you to understand Sigma's full capabilities, get to know the delivery and support teams and learn how our technology will work for you.

Capabilities that clients are benefiting from today include:

  • Fastest time to ROI in the industry 
  • 100% coverage across all global Sanctions and Watchlists 
  • AI-powered Adverse Media Screening 
  • Global KYB coverage for Enhanced Due Diligence 
  • Full PEP and person of interest coverage  
  • Persistent risk monitoring with seamless push notifications 
  • Bring your own data (e.g., whitelist/blacklist) capabilities
  • Leverage proprietary entity resolution and entity profiles (Sigma ID)
  • SOC 2 Compliant 

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Unlock Sigma API

Sigma API enables seamless integration into existing workflows. Sigma APIs are deployed to automatically screen entities and provide automated scoring and categorization at scale.

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