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Deeper Risk Coverage


Faster Time to Risk Disposition


Reduction in False Positives


Integrated Solution

A fully integrated, single source of truth

Sigma Ratings Testimonial | K2Integrity - Risk Assessment Platform

Sigma’s product outperforms legacy diligence tools by a mile. The experience is next generation and we’re excited to build on our work with Sigma for years to come.

Brett Manwaring
Managing Director

Sigma Ratings Testimonial | Fondue - Risk Assessment Platform

Sigma’s platform and team are excellent–couldn’t recommend them enough for any fintech looking to operate and meet regulatory expectations globally.

Ido Lagziel
Head of Payments

Sigma Ratings Testimonial | FitchRatings - Risk Assessment Platform

The extra info provided by Sigma’s dashboard [is] giving our analysts a tool to ask the right questions to executives and to pick up worrying trends earlier.

Marjan van der Weijden
Global Head of Financial Institutions

Sigma360 Risk Summary
Sigma Risk Coverage

Unmatched Data Access

Sigma360's clients screen and monitor counterparty risk against always-on data pulled from thousands of data sources

  • 100B+ data points | 1.2 billion+ entities | 260+ jurisdictions
  • 150+ corporate registries | Global government watchlists
  • 5 MM monthly articles | 220k publishers | 50+ languages
  • Seamless integration of internal and external data

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Sigma360 Association Mapping
the sigma360 platform

Future-Proof Technology

Sigma360's cloud-based platform leverages AI and proprietary models and risk taxonomies to help leading organizations supercharge their risk-mitigation

  • Immediate ROI
  • Fully scalable solution
  • Low code, no code use 
  • Continuous delivery vs. batch
  • Enterprise-level security, SOC 2, Type II

Discover the Sigma360 Platform
Sigma360 My Entities
Sigma Solutions

360° Risk Mitigation

Sigma360's data optimization, custom risk scoring and automated notifications enable users to stay compliant, manage regulatory and reputational risk and stay ahead of a changing global landscape across a range of core use cases

  • Sanctions & Watchlist Screening
  • Global Advanced Adverse Media Screening
  • Perpetual KYC Capabilities
  • AML Investigations
  • Enhanced Due Diligence
  • Counterparty Credit Risk
  • Country Risk Ratings

There wasn't a better way,
so Sigma created one.

Consolidated, always-on compliance tools and unlimited data sources for smarter risk management.

Sigma360 Ai-Powered Risk Intelligence Software - Icons Uncover Hidden Risks
Uncover hidden risks

Immediately benefit from expanded data sources and proprietary intelligence to cover your risks

Sigma360 Ai-Powered Risk Intelligence Software - Icons Automate at Scale
Automate at scale

Reduce manual processes to drive efficiency across your entire organization

Sigma360 Ai-Powered Risk Intelligence Software - Icons Monitor Real-time
Monitor in real-time

Always-on data keeps you up-to-date as risks changes across your client and counterparty population

Sigma360 Ai-Powered Risk Intelligence Software - Icons Optimize your Operation
Optimize your operation

Reduce false positives and focus on what matters leveraging a all-in-one, cloud-based platform

Sigma v. Everyone Else

  Sigma360 AI-powered Risk Intelligence Software - White Brand Logo
Legacy Providers

Global Watchlists & PEPs

All-in-one PKYC, KYCC, KYB, EDD, and Investigations


Unified risk view across disparate datasets


Built-in intelligence layer for insights at scale


Daily dataset refreshes with automated update alerts


Same-day deployment


Configurable, cross platform risk scoring

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