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1. Entity Extraction

Ready-to-use global risk database for PEPs, sanctions, beneficial owners and more

Proprietary AI-powered news source that processes 4.5MM monthly articles from 200K publishers

Your internal customer and counterparty data resolved, ingested and optimized as needed

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2. Entity Resolution

Exceptional data cleanliness provides the foundation for accurate entity resolution across 100s of sources

65% fewer records returned on average, with more comprehensive risk context from multiple sources

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3. Risk Intelligence

164 pre-built risk indicators that can be leveraged to create custom risk taxonomies

Optimized search tuning allows for greater match accuracy and fewer false positive

Interactive network graph reveals risky connections 2+ links away for any entity under investigation

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4. Automated Monitoring

Live data refreshes ensure you have up-to-the-minute intelligence

Risk-relevant changes are captured on a periodic or ongoing basis

Personalized alerts are automatically pushed via API to appropriate team members

Our Technology is


See the quickest ROI on the market; deploy in hours to drive value quickly


Go from thousands to billions of records; we support startups, mid-markets and enterprise organizations


Implement once; we continuously add the latest technologies and data sources to our cloud-based solution


Utilize low code, no code; our software require minimal developer resources

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Ensure 99.9% uptime; our platform is operationally sound to meet your needs 

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Leverage enterprise level security; we are SOC 2 compliant and run daily security testing

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Why Leading Firms Trust

Sigma Technology

Immediate ROI
Deployed in hours, faster than anyone else on the market

Seamless updates deliver the latest technologies and data

Scale from 1k to 1bn records
Built for small, mid-market and enterprise-level organizations

Minimal developer resources required

99.9% uptime
Operationally sound, designed with the end-user in mind

Enterprise level security
SOC 2 compliant with daily security testing

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