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Sigma360 Winter Product Update & Feature Enhancement Release

February 16, 2024 - UPDATED 

 Sigma360, the leading AI-driven risk screening and monitoring platform, announces a number of new features designed to drive smarter, more powerful risk intelligence reviews and significantly enhance productivity. 

"This product release really doubles down on the power of our screening solution, to deliver scalable results that are incredibly fast, accurate and global from a coverage perspective," said Stuart Jones, Jr., CEO of Sigma360. 

Matt Monarch, Head of Data Product at Sigma360 continued, "Our winter release offers real relief to enterprise compliance pain points in adverse media screening and workflow management. Deep configurations and smart design allow analysts to quickly identify risks and ignore the noise. Fast follow enhancements include deeper management-level reporting and additional configuration to represent organizational risk appetites across global workflows."

Alongside these product enhancements, Sigma360 also announced SOC 2, Type II certification, representing another important step in the firm's historic and ongoing work to ensure client security and enterprise readiness.  Additional information about Sigma360's security certifications and broader work to protect client data can be found here

Major updates included in this release include, but are not limited to:

*UPDATED - Dashboard and workflow improvements.  Value Add: Never wonder again how many entities you are monitoring, what their risk is and how many alerts are outstanding.  New feature release improves risk visibility, as well as functionality to triage and sort for risk types across different user groups, locations and risk types. 

Screenshot 2024-02-13 at 9.41.38 AM

The revamped adverse media screening provides analysts with improved news view, all within the platform.
Value Add: Now, analysts can view the article content directly in the News tab, eliminating the need to open the original article separately.
The standout feature is the highlighting of key elements such as the focal entity, keywords, related entities, and locations within the articles. This improvement enables analysts to quickly assess the risk level associated with a news piece, facilitating a more efficient screening process.
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Publisher proximity filtering 

Value Add: The publisher location proximity feature allows users to focus on news specifically relevant to their entity's country, region or sub-region, providing a more targeted and customized information view and the ability to filter out likely noise. 

For instance, if a user selects "Only return news from publishers in My Entity’s country," and the entity is based in the United States, the articles will exclusively be shown from U.S. publishers.  

Publisher Proximity

Relationship Temporality 

Value Add: The Sigma ID page now includes relationship temporality, which automatically filters out past relationships by default, minimizing noise and clutter. Users have the option to show expired relationships, giving them control over displayed information. Expired relationships are easily identified with an end date display and grayed-out color. 


"Always show relationship risk" toggle

Value Add: The new "Always show relationship risk" toggle is a valuable addition to the Graph Filters, enhancing user control and customization. By default, the toggle is set to "ON," ensuring that paths ending in indicators/network risk are always displayed, regardless of other applied filters. When the user toggles "Always show relationship risk" to "OFF," the graph dynamically adjusts the display to exclude paths ending in indicators based on the chosen distance parameter. 

Screening match in-screen popover capability 

Value Add: The match popover is designed to elevate user experience and streamline decision-making efficiency. It achieves this by presenting additional, user provided information in a convenient and accessible format. The popover displays comprehensive details about each match, allowing users to easily compare the match with the specified search criteria and dramatically speed a users workflow.

Country Risk

Value Add: Revamped country risk model provides a new, more comprehensive risk-factor based view into over 260 countries and territories. 

Each country is rated based on different factors, providing a percentile rank that gives an overall view. Additionally, there are separate scores for specific sub-categories, including Financial Crime, Regulation, Geopolitical, and Corruption.  The country risk concept, additionally, is tied into global screens and investigative searches to deliver deeper risk-related contextualization. 

To learn more about the Sigma Ratings roadmap and leading edge capabilities we’re developing for 2024, email our team at

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