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Sigma360's Mission & Purpose: Q1 2024 Statement from CEO Stuart Jones, Jr.

April 8, 2024


We live in a world of increasing risk.  

Firms - both regulated and not - are facing geopolitical challenges, supply chain disruptions, reputational-related concerns and growing pressure from boards and shareholders to be ahead of these unfolding realities.  To know the known and anticipate the unknown.   

The core risk-vectors these firms face center around their clients and third parties.  Making it mission critical to ensure that these counterparties are thoroughly evaluated for risk, including, but not limited to sanctions, watchlists, enforcement actions and increasingly, early-warning signals that may be found in fast-changing unstructured data like news/media and in regulatory guidance.


Our data, software and expertise are focused on solving our clients’ evolving needs to manage and stay ahead of risk in quantifiable and near-real-time ways.  

For example, we have proven that we can take disparate, globally sourced and multilingual media at scale and apply our software to sift through it and deliver an extremely accurate signal to noise ratio versus more traditional approaches available in the market.  Only flowing through what really matters in the context of an end-user’s risk-based driven approach.  We’ve also shown the ability to flag hidden risk that pattern matches ‘red flag’ risks highlighted by regulators, such as shell company activity, transshipment jurisdictions and other third party relationships that may be used to fuel or fund global conflict and broader criminal activity. 

The ability to achieve these outcomes drives better risk management, as well as demonstrable soft-dollar savings associated with shifting effort onto increasingly relevant tasks. 


Our commitment to innovation never stops at Sigma360.  And some of our most impactful developments were released in Q1, with some exciting fast-follows in Q2.  All of these efforts are pointed at making risk and compliance teams more i) efficient in their day-to-day operations; and ii) effective in finding the risk that matters to meet regulatory expectations and safeguard their institutions.

First, we continue to invest in scale, speed, accuracy and coverage.  Our platform is architected to process hundreds of millions of records across multiple risk types without falling over - an attribute that few vendors can service.  Our platform not only supports scale, but is built to deploy up to 50% faster than legacy systems and provide complete transparency and oversight by non-technical teams to ensure their screening operations are dialed in  on accuracy and coverage and risk management expectations are met across teams.  

Second, we view unstructured data - and the processing of media in particular - as an important area that has not been solved satisfactorily in our industry and is without a clear market winner.  To solve this industry challenge, we have developed unique data ingestion and processing capabilities, layered in proprietary machine learning models and prompt engineering and have built out highly differentiated workflows to help analyst teams more efficiently move through, disposition and report back on media related alerts.  

And finally, we are further boosting and investing in end-user experience.  This new value comes in the form of faster end-to-end workflows, additional administrative oversight capabilities for management and the introduction of a growing suite of business intelligence dashboards that help ensure our end-users are in control and in front of risk from the smallest of scale operations to the largest.


We started the year being named to Chartis Research’s inaugural FinCrime50 list, an award that identifies the top global software companies in our space.  We are incredibly proud of this achievement and the journey we’ve been on.  However, we are most proud of the impact we are having with our end-users and in industry, as well as how much more we can do together with new software capabilities coming on line this quarter.

Beyond awards, we see our success in our business and clients.  We now protect over $2 trillion in assets and company value and continue to gain momentum.

For firms who seek more from their software and vendor relationship, join us.  Let's shape the future together.

Be certain, in an uncertain world.  



Stuart Jones, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer


Sigma Team
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