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Sigma360's Mission - Q4 2023 Statement from CEO Stuart Jones, Jr.

December 18, 2023


We continue to build upon our promise to offer the most cost-effective, accurate and efficient financial crime and general risk screening and monitoring platform available. 

Democratizing access to the very best solutions is fundamentally important to who we are and has been a mainstay from day one.  

We believe the need for novel risk solutions is self-evident given the marked increase in global risk and still slower than acceptable progress in fighting financial crime. We are here to support the risk manager looking for effectiveness-oriented tooling and will work tirelessly to ensure we successfully implement it together.  


We are finishing the best financial year in our company’s history. We were also independently recognized as a KYC category leader and a key regtech to watch by Chartis Research for the second year in a row.  

Sigma360 is a mature, established brand that is driving a paradigm shift in what the market should expect from a risk and compliance platform. Today, we protect over $1.5 trillion in assets and company value across our globally deployed screening and monitoring capabilities.   

Our growth has been fueled by a need to centralize platform capabilities, risk sources and deliver a powerful and unified view for our user.  Our clients also expect enterprise-level security, an area we have always prioritized and further invested in this year by putting in place a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), extending our penetration testing and achieving our SOC 2 security certificate.


Our team and our customers are our greatest strength.  

We are focused on innovation and improving what is possible by combining data and technology. While we are a vendor, we view every client interaction as a partnership and as an opportunity to improve. We believe this is not only unique in our industry, but critical to making progress as a collective. 

In the last twelve months, our application of applied machine learning, proprietary risk typologies and investment in how we approach unstructured data has driven incredible client outcomes. In one example, Sigma360 was able to drive a 70% reduction in false positives in the same week it was deployed for a large-scale payments company. In another, clients were able to significantly reduce noise (by more than 15%) across large scale adverse media screening.

What is exciting is that our investment in innovation will only increase from here. This will allow us, in concert with our clients, to further expand what’s possible. Fewer clicks, faster time to insight, ease of deployment, less noise.  We hear you.

To date, we have invested significantly in how we process and deliver new, previously unrealized value across name screening, adverse media and the detection of outlier risks like shell companies. Sigma360 was the first vendor to take on the shell company question and is now aggressively innovating around other common red flags faced by our users that can be solved by combining domain expertise, global data and new technology application. 


Ultimately, we are focused on delivering better client outcomes together. 

We believe Sigma360 is the market leading, out-of-the-box solution for a growing number of risk and compliance use cases. And coupled with aggressive innovation, dedicated customer support and active partnership, we expect to further upend what is possible in the risk and compliance space in 2024 and play an important role in authoring what good looks like going forward.

If you are unsatisfied with the status quo, we would love to partner with you.  

Be certain, in an uncertain world. 



Stuart Jones, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer


Sigma Team
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