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Sigma360 FinCrime50 Press Release

March 20, 2024 

Award builds on prior recognition as a global leader in KYC, across watchlist and sanctions screening and advanced adverse media

NEW YORK, March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Sigma360, a leading AI-powered risk screening and monitoring platform that enables compliant global commercial relationships, today announced its inclusion by Chartis Research as one of the top risk and compliance companies in the world as part of its Financial Crime and Compliance 50 research.

 "We deeply appreciate the recognition, which is a testament both to our team and our customers who collectively want to change the way we fight financial crime and manage risk with better data and technology," said Stuart Jones, Jr., CEO of Sigma360.  "We've built the ultimate screening software platform and this recognition is further, independent proof that we have developed something truly special." 

With growing geopolitical risk and increasing regulatory expectations, firms face unprecedented pressure and legal obligations to know your customer (KYC) and safeguard themselves from reputational risk. Highly manual approaches, as well as legacy technology offerings are failing to keep up, paving the way for new, innovative software solutions that can demonstrably scale and drive effectiveness and efficiency across risk and compliance programs. 

The Chartis Research Financial Crime and Compliance 50 report builds on previous quadrant research that highlights a range of specific capabilities offered by firms. The Chartis quadrants are established by evaluating how complete an offering is, as well as how much market potential it presents.  For two years in a row, Sigma360 has been named a Quadrant Leader for KYC, alongside other industry leaders specializing in robust data collection and normalization, accurate insight delivery and comprehensive workflows.  

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About Sigma360

Sigma360's cloud-based data platform has emerged as the definitive choice for point-in-time risk screening and perpetual client monitoring. Underpinned by hundreds of thousands of fully integrated and hosted data sources and proprietary resolution, risk extraction and scoring algorithms, the platform can identify and return direct and network-based entity risk at sub-second speeds. Sigma360's solutions are used by financial institutions, professional services firms, fintechs and global corporations seeking to consolidate operations into a singular risk intelligence platform and more efficiently manage the entire client lifecycle.

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