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Sigma Releases New Self Service Enhancements | Sigma Monitoring

Sigma Monitoring has been further enhanced to offer new self-service capabilities that allow for end to end oversight of large volumes of entities at scale with minimal overhead.

Overhauled Alerts

Sigma users can now elect the specific data sources and risk types they would like to monitor and receive alerts on when a key data point changes.  These alerts are delivered in a single unified dashboard.

Modified Audit Trail and History 

New features allow users to navigate the chronological history of alerts, together with newly surfaced risk insights, source details and metadata.

Streamlined Tools for Uploading and Managing Entities

The process for uploading new names to monitoring has been dramatically improved. This process now includes both bulk upload capabilities (up to 10,000 names) and a form guided workflow that allows for seamless manual entry of names and identifiers.

Coming Soon: 

To find out how you can access Sigma’s monitoring, please reach out to

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