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More Clarity, Transparency and Efficiency with Sigma Terminal

Today, we are releasing the following updates to improve the clarity of our insights, transparency of results and overall efficiency of Sigma Terminal: DOB Filter in Sigma Search, New Risk Indicator Design for Instant Risk Category Identification, Renamed 'Personnel Risk' to 'Association Risk', Enhanced Clarity and Visual Improvements in PDF Reports, and More Transparency in News Search with Publisher Regions.

Sigma Terminal Improvements

DOB Filter in Sigma Search

Exclude irrelevant people results automatically and maximize your efficiency with new People Search DOB Filters. Sigma Search now allows users to customize their search by filtering out people results whose DOB does not match a specific year, a combination of month and year, or an exact date.


New Risk Indicator Design for Instant Risk Category Identification 

With our 3-character Risk Indicator pills, users can more easily scan across Sigma Search results and immediately understand the breadth of Risk Indicator categories for each record and see if there are Risk Indicators relevant to their mandate (like SAN for 'Sanctions' or ENF for 'Enforcements'). Users can hover over each pill for a quick count of that category before adding that result in the match tab and then moving to the indicators page for a summary.

Indicator Pills

Renamed 'Personnel Risk' to 'Association Risk'

Sigma has renamed the category formerly known as 'Personnel' to 'Association' to better encapsulate the Risk Indicators under this header. We made this decision deliberately as we work to ensure that we can explain, summarize, and highlight the various types of risk appropriately for our users.


Enhanced Clarity and Visual Improvements in PDF Reports

We have updated the visual formatting of our sources for faster analysis. Investigators who want evidence that they found no results, or no results relevant to their query, can now also create PDFs showing as much. 

Sigma Ratings - PDF Data Sources

More Transparency in News Search with Publisher Regions

For additional transparency, our News Search results now include the region and sub-region for each publisher, available when users hover on the country listed for each article.



Stuart Jones, Jr.

CEO & Founder, Sigma Ratings


Sigma News is deployed via Sigma Terminal, Sigma’s AWS based data intelligence platform.  Sigma News is available via web-browser, or programmatically via API.  If you would like to learn more about Sigma News, and how we are driving modernized due diligence workflows with our data and technology, please reach out at


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