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Sigma Ratings Expands to include 500,000 High-Risk Addresses

Sigma Ratings has grown our high-risk addresses database to half a million, which is a massive leap from the 10,000 addresses previously available. The new additions give you more comprehensive risk coverage, including addresses associated with offshore leaks between 2013 and 2022.

500,000 high-risk addresses now available

Offshore leaks may be history, but the associated risks are here to stay. While blacklisted shell companies may go dormant, they can spring up again with a fresh new face. A Sigma user can now detect if any entity is currently located at an address that was connected to:


In addition to Offshore Leaks, Sigma can detect the following types of address risks:

Monitor across 14 risk categories

Through Sigma platform, you can monitor ongoing risks across 14 risk categories, including address risk. That means you receive a real-time alert anytime the Sigma platform detects a change across any of our data sets.

Here is the complete list of risk categories:

  1. Address: Any risk related to addresses identified in entity records, including offshore leaks
  2. KYC: Identification of entities plus monitoring for any changes to critical fields. Read more in our Product Update for KYB & KYC Monitoring
  3. Adverse Media: Any news article determined to be risky & relevant to the entity based on financial crime & reputational risk methodologies
  4. Association: Any association with, or relationship to, a sanctioned or high-risk entities
  5. Enforcement Action: Any hit on a regulatory or enforcement action list
  6. Jurisdiction: Any risk related to countries identified in entity records
  7. Leadership: Any risk specific to the people in leadership positions at a company (e.g. CEO, management)
  8. Line of Business: Any risk related to high-risk business lines (e.g. crypto, cannabis)
  9. PEP: Any hit on a Politically Exposed Persons list (PEP levels are determined by a framework which includes FATF, UNCAC, EU Fourth AML Directive, JMSG, UK Regulations 2017/FCA, and Wolfsberg Group, with Level 1 indicating the highest level of political exposure)
  10. Registration Status: Any risk that relates to an entities status with a registry or regulator
  11. Restricted Entity: Any hit on a list relating to restrictions put on an entity, that do not fit into Sanctions of Enforcement categories
  12. Sanctions: Any hit on a direct or extended sanctions list, based on company being searched, or associated people
  13. State Owned Entity: Denotes an entity is a State Owned Entity, a sign of corruption risk
  14. Transparency: Risks associated with: existence in public databases or leaked documents, lack of transparency in company ownership, or internet presence

If you would like to learn how address risk monitoring improves AML typology detection rates, please reach us at, or book a meeting with our team.

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