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Seamless Access to Global Risk News and Insights

We are excited to announce a host of new features that significantly improve the experience and ease of use for the modern investigator while also supporting remediations and proactive surveillance of non-customer counterparties at scale.

Target Adverse Media Across Multiple Regions and Languages

Terminal users now can:

  • Rapidly find news tagged and structured against key adverse indicators across a database of over 50,000 news sources globally in 9 (and growing) languages.
  • Quickly narrow in on a searched entity, locate the original news article, and confirm if there are relevant insights, without leaving Terminal.

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  • Surface news across multiple languages and leverage Sigma’s Risk Indicator  Categories to rapidly determine which ones are relevant to your work.

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Save Time by Bulk Uploading and Scanning Multiple Entities at Once

  • Save countless hours with the ability to upload and risk scan over 1,000 entities at once directly via Terminal.
  • In seconds, receive risk insights across Sigma's proprietary Risk Indicator Categories in a consolidated output. 
  • Instantaneously sift through hundreds of sources to rapidly identify the most significant entities that require deeper review and investigation.

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  • Access your search results through a downloadable template, showcasing the summary findings in an easy to access csv file. Just open it up in Excel or Google sheets and interrogate the data more deeply using Terminal.

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Enterprise Grade Monitoring

  • Ensure precision with the introduction of Parent-Child relationships as part of Sigma's enterprise grade monitoring system.  

  • Take advantage of our low-false positive monitoring mechanisms against more granular entities and across our entire data-set. 

  • Ensure the right notifications are delivered to the right team members via configurable group notifications.

Better Precision on PDF Reports

  • Quickly choose which search results to include in your PDF report, so that only the specific information you need for record keeping purposes is exported to your case management tool.

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As we move into Q2, we have more exciting things planned that will continue to make the lives and workflow of the modern investigator better. Stay tuned and please reach out, especially if you're as passionate about this as we are and would like to chat to the team about specific updates and improvements.

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