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Sigma Ratings Releases Breakthrough Features to Become the World's Most Comprehensive AI-Powered Business Risk Intelligence Platform

Dec 05, 2019, NEW YORK and ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates - Sigma Ratings ("Sigma") announced today core new features and functionality as part of its flagship Terminal platform. This comes at a time of global financial volatility, regulatory enforcement and a general increase in counter-party risk as seen in the public media. 

Company risk insight, delivered instantly. Sigma Terminal is the world's first fully integrated search and monitoring platform for business risk intelligence.
Company risk insight, delivered instantly. Sigma Terminal is the world's first fully integrated search and monitoring platform for business risk intelligence.

Sigma's proprietary business intelligence platform, the "Terminal", is a web-based app that enables users to screen, assess and monitor corporate entities for specific reputational, operational and financial crime risks in a cost effective and scalable way. Terminal utilizes Sigma's deep domain expertise alongside advanced algorithms to programmatically generate and keep current multifactor risk scores. Upgraded Terminal features include fully integrated search, screen and monitoring capabilities, analytics by industry and country, live news streaming, tailored event logs and a built-in dynamic country risk module. 

"We've seen how the current system of screening and monitoring for reputational, operational and financial crime-related risk is ill-fitting for today's globally connected market and fails to keep risk managers abreast of the vulnerabilities that exist across industries. As we enter a new decade of data transparency and AI, Sigma's approach is a direct answer to the current market demand for a more tech-driven approach to externally available business risk intelligence," said Stuart Jones, Jr., founder and CEO of Sigma. "Our approach democratizes access to highly relevant external risk data that firms need to better contextualize and manage risk across multiple lines of defense."

Sigma Terminal utilizes global data, bespoke partner data and tailored information provided directly by verified companies to unlock new insights for financial crime, investigation and intelligence teams, credit and sales executives across global financial institutions, corporates, professional services firms and government. Unlike traditional human audits done on an annual basis, Sigma's platform provides updated risk data in near real-time, giving users the most accurate reflection of the market's non-credit risk landscape at the institutional level.    

"As the pioneer of a tech-driven business risk intelligence platform, we have an aggressive feature roadmap that includes expanded data sources and partnerships, enhanced functionality and increasingly robust visualization tools," said Peter Arnold, who joined Sigma as Director of Product earlier this year following a career as an executive at a tech-driven ratings company.  "Our users can expect a powerful, responsive and cost-effective tool that will integrate seamlessly across an organization to help users more effectively understand, track and manage risk."

For more information about the Sigma Terminal or to schedule an interview with Sigma's executive team, please contact or call 212-575-0233.

About Sigma Ratings

Sigma Ratings ("Sigma") is a non-credit rating agency combining cutting-edge technology with deep domain expertise to evaluate governance and financial crime controls of financial institutions and corporates globally. Based in New York City, Sigma provides ratings and data services to a growing number of global financial institutions, including Barclays Bank. For more information about Sigma, its methodology, team or services please visit   

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