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Sigma Partners with FiveBy for Next Generation Technology & Resources

New York, New York - Sigma Ratings (“Sigma”), and FiveBy Solutions (“FiveBy”) today announced the availability of a seamless integration between Sigma’s proprietary risk intelligence terminal (Sigma Terminal) and Fiveby’s expertly trained risk intelligence teams.

Sigma Ratings and FiveBy Form Partnership to Provide Next Generation Technology and Expert Resources To Clients

This partnership enables clients of Sigma to augment their existing due diligence work, which includes screening, onboarding, monitoring, and investigations, in Sigma Terminal with seamless access to FiveBy third party resources who can generate additional in-depth assessments on an entity, individual, or vessel based on linguistic and regional expertise.

As screening and ongoing due diligence workflows rapidly evolve and become more complex as a part of customer onboarding and ongoing evaluation, clients benefit from access to a modern risk intelligence technology solution that can support multiple workflows across the due diligence spectrum. Additionally, augmenting technology with expert resources who perform deeper analysis in a managed service capacity helps firms manage costs and scale more effectively while maintaining the highest level of confidence in their due diligence and analysis. 

Accessing FiveBy’s expert resources is enabled through Sigma Terminal.  New and existing clients now have the option to include expert FiveBy reporting capabilities, which offer three levels of risk assessment services. 

“We’re delighted to form this strategic alliance with Fiveby.  Since our initial discussions it’s clear that they have expertise and take a data driven, analytical approach to evaluating risk.  Through this partnership we are strengthening our offering and embedding into an expert network that will immensely benefit our end users,” said Stuart Jones, Jr., CEO of Sigma.

“At Fiveby, we have been impressed with the unique value of efficiency, ease of use and comprehensiveness that Sigma Terminal delivers its customers.  Sigma Terminal offers unparalleled risk intelligence data accessibility, and we are excited to work with Sigma’s customers going forward who need our expertise.” John Solheim, Chief Commercial Officer, FiveBy Solutions

To learn more about Sigma and FiveBy’s partnership or to read their co-authored Joint Advisory ‘FinCEN Fires Shot Across Bow Of US Firms And Financial Institutions’ please visit


Sigma is the leading AI-driven risk intelligence platform used by global organizations to fight financial crime and make more informed, automated counterparty risk decisions. Sigma uses point-in-time risk analysis and ongoing monitoring technology, to actively screen thousands of global data sources and return a unified stream of compliance intelligence on companies and people. Sigma is backed by a global network of investors, including the Fitch Group, FinTech Collective, Contour Ventures and Barclays Bank.

For further information about Sigma, please visit and connect with us on LinkedIn.


FiveBy Solutions is a specialized risk intelligence consultancy with unique expertise in risk and fraud management. Companies and organizations contact FiveBy when they see risks related to fraud, abuse or compliance that could affect their reputation, their ability to support customers, their intellectual property, or their bottom line. FiveBy provides unique insight and experience to transform these risks into opportunities. Whether you work with FiveBy on an assessment, to address a one-off incident, or to create robust processes to address future risks – we’ll always be in your corner. We stay ahead of the game, so you don’t have to.

Partnership Creates Integrated Solution for Clients Seeking Expert Analysis via a Single Click.

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