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Sigma Strengthens Product Leadership by Welcoming Karim Rajwani as CPO

New York, NY, June 14, 2023 - The team at Sigma is delighted to announce that Karim Rajwani will join us as Chief Product Officer. Having Mr. Rajwani’s expertise is invaluable to the company’s commitment to continuous innovation in the risk and compliance space.


“The global risk landscape is rapidly changing and rogue actors are getting smarter in their efforts to evade detection,” said Stuart Jones Jr., CEO of Sigma. “In response, organizations are seeking intelligent, data-driven systems that seamlessly combine workflow, real-time analytics and risk configurability to provide an always-on, contextualized view of customers and customer counterparties. No one understands that set of challenges better than Karim and we are thrilled to have him more involved,” Stuart shared.

Since December 2022, Karim has provided invaluable insights and guidance as Senior Advisor to Sigma, lending expertise gained over his 40-year career in risk management and compliance, with some of the largest banks in the world, including RBC, Deutsche Bank and Scotiabank.  

According to Mr. Rajwani, “Sigma reflects a new, dynamic approach to managing client, counterparty and third party risk using big data, machine learning and advanced risk scoring models to ensure institutions can focus on what is most important to them.” He went on to say, “I am excited to continue my work at this incredible organization to support our clients and the broader industry in ushering in more powerful capabilities to meet today’s needs.”

Karim joins other key hires across product, sales and engineering at an exciting moment in Sigma’s growth, and he will accelerate the firm’s position as a market leader and a definitive resource for assessing customer and counterparty risk, with the ultimate mission to help clients drive smarter, more data informed decisions at scale. Hear Karim Rajwani’s thoughts on network-centered risk management strategies in his latest webinar, Reshaping Risk and Compliance: The Next Generation of Risk Management.   

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