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Globally Focused Asset Management Firm Rated 'A' with Positive Outlook for its Governance and Control Effectiveness

NEW YORK, July 30, 2020 - Sigma reaffirms Gateway Partners 'A' rating with a positive outlook.  Sigma's review evaluated Gateway Partners on a number of factors specific to the organization's inherent risk environment, governance, control effectiveness and financial crime compliance.  It marks the second consecutive review by Sigma. 

Stuart Jones, Jr., CEO of Sigma stated, "Gateway Partners stands out given its transparency and continued focus on improving its control environment year-over-year.  Despite current global events, Gateway Partners is well positioned to manage risk across its operation, as well as grow into future investments.  We commend the firm on its decisions to date which led to an 'A' rating, again placing the firm in the top quartile of our evaluation model."

CEO of Gateway Partners, V. Shankar, noted the importance that Gateway Partners continues to place on governance, controls and broader risk management, stating that "Strong governance remains a top priority as we grow our business and raise our second private equity fund. The 'A' rating from Sigma serves as a recognized and independent review of the firm's efforts around governance, and along with our commitments to responsible investment, diversity, and the UN SDGs, reflects our focus on more than capital."

About Gateway Partners

Gateway Partners Group is a multi-region investment manager with fund management and advisory operations in both Dubai and Singapore and are dual registered and regulated by the Dubai Financial Supervision Authority (DFSA) and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). Gateway Partners closed their first private equity fund at $757.5m in 2016 which has sought growth investments and strategic opportunities across the dynamic markets of Africa, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Gateway Partners will launch their second fund in 2020 which will provide a one-stop solution to investing in these exciting growth markets that are long on opportunities and short on capital. For further information on Gateway Partners please visit their website

About Sigma Ratings

Sigma is the world's first AI-enabled non-credit rating agency, with a focus on evaluating governance and financial crime controls of financial institutions and corporates globally.  Based in New York, Sigma has delivered certified ratings across dozens of countries and provides data intelligence services to a growing number of global financial institutions, professional services firms and governments.  For more information about Sigma, its methodology or services please visit

Rating Process

Sigma's certified ratings consider public and private aspects of an entity's operations, business strategies and controls, as well as its culture and business decision making process. The process results in a "rating" from AAA-C, with AAA representing the highest rating possible and the lowest risk to governance and financial crime compliance ("FCC") vulnerabilities.  The Outlook represents the general direction of the company regarding its governance and FCC posture.

Media Contact:
Shannon Tremaine

SOURCE Sigma Ratings, Inc.

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