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Sigma Ratings Makes AIFintech100 List For Driving Innovation in Financial Services

New York, NY, June 22, 2023 - Sigma has earned a spot on the 2023 AIFintech100 list as a risk and compliance platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver market-leading technology to the financial sector and other industries facing increasing regulatory-driven requirements.  

Sigma develops software solutions, including specific AI applications, to help customers quickly detect, contextualize and action mission critical risks related to knowing their clients and client associates.

Stuart Jones, Jr., CEO and Founder of Sigma said, “We’re focused on smart applications of AI that solve real client problems and enable informed risk decisions, while contributing to wider industry efforts to modernize scalable approaches to financial crime prevention.”

Since its founding at MIT, Sigma has responsibly invested in AI-driven efficiencies across risk screening and monitoring, entity scoring and investigations to solve complex problems facing financial institutions and their partners. Thanks in large part to AI and machine learning (ML), Sigma’s platform offers compliance teams cost savings, improved operational efficiency and insight into risks that may have otherwise been missed.

Some examples of Sigma’s current and ongoing investment in AI to optimize data for smarter risk decisioning include the following:

Global media monitoring: Media is an increasingly essential source for customer-related risk awareness, both at the point of onboarding and on an ongoing basis. Sigma processes 4.5 million+ articles monthly from 200,000+ publishers using large language model-based AI that filters media into 20 unique types of risks. Clients can leverage these filtered articles to maintain up-to-date risk context for monitored companies or individuals worldwide.

Relevant and accurate matching: Match tuning is a process that reduces the number of false positives in searches. Sigma’s matching system benefits from AI-driven tuning, while also completing searches 10 times faster than other commercially available approaches. Moreover, Sigma uses generative AI to create thousands of variations of entity names commonly used in different countries and languages to further tune its proprietary matching algorithm, resulting in higher match accuracy for users.
Risk and compliance co-pilot: With generative AI now storming the market and a recent McKinsey report estimating a $150 billion impact on risk and compliance use cases alone, Sigma is piloting new ways to leverage generative AI to power multi-entity investigations, derive relational risk context between entities, summarize key risks and automate open internet data collection.

Early next month, Sigma releases its cloud-native, Sigma360 Platform with major product upgrades across entity resolution, risk and scoring visualization and data configurability to achieve specific risk and compliance objectives and outcomes.

Built to provide a foundation for the future of risk and compliance, Sigma’s platform exceeds traditional approaches to ensure core regulatory needs are met, while also providing a path forward to future-proofing operations with an always-on 360-degree view of customers and customer associates.

To dive deeper into Sigma’s AI-led product capabilities, read the product blog.

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