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The World [Is Not Enough]

Every day, millions of articles are published to the Internet across multiple platforms, languages and focal areas.  For a risk and compliance officer, the overwhelming majority of this is noise.  Meaning, this noise is irrelevant to understanding whether or not to onboard a customer, review a relationship or report a transaction. 

But what about the rest?  The true positives.

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We estimate that the percentage of news that is actually relevant in these specific scenarios outlined above is roughly .00352% of the total news generated on a daily basis.  Talk about a needle in a haystack. 

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To illustrate, the chart above breaks out the signal-oriented data across our client-facing event tags (y-axis) and the regions/sub-regions of the world (x-axis).  The graphical representation of risk-relevant global news - and how it is changing week-to-week or month-to-month is a quick and useful way to conceptualize risk at a high-level (and demonstrate our capabilities), though our ability to drill down to the city, entity and person level is where the deepest value manifests for risk and compliance executives.  

We know because each day Sigma utilizes algorithms to collect the news of the world - across 99% of the Internet’s spoken languages, evaluate each article independently and apply ‘event tags’ to each article that our proprietary models believe are relevant to our clients and their specific use cases across the due diligence spectrum.  

This becomes increasingly powerful when the articles we collect and tag are connected to other real data assets like corporate registries, shipping records, and reputational risk databases.  These connections are at the heart of the Compliance 2.0 agenda that we and others are working toward.

If you are interested in learning more about how we work with news and how our approach can help you see a more holistic risk picture and drive efficiencies and cost savings across your organization, please reach out. 

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