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Error: This Person Does Not Exist

First Fake News, Now Fake People

Alexa Altos operates a web design firm in California, has a number of employees, a growing client roster, thousands of Facebook and Instagram followers and incredible testimonials.  One of the testimonials, from Alejandro Martinez, notes that Altos’ web design services “were on time and under budget.”  Jennifer Reilly wrote, “Alexa is a pro.  She and her team are thoughtful and delivered an incredible site for us.”  Each of Alexa’s team members have Facebook and LinkedIn profiles that detail their connections and professional accomplishments.  They too have multiple friends, reviews and examples of their design work.

Incredible social proof.  Yes.  So, what’s the problem?

The web design firm doesn’t exist.  Alexa doesn’t exist.  Neither do Alejandro or Jennifer.  The company, which advertises modern offices online, is in reality registered to the address of a storage unit on the outskirts of nowhere.  The problem is that companies like this are on the rise and are often a part of a wider criminal network targeting access to the international financial system for a range of illicit pursuits.

What’s more, the image above of “Alexa”, is AI-generated.  This person is literally from nowhere.  For more examples click here and peel back just how bizarre things are about to become.  And how complicated the operations and compliance jobs are becoming both at global banks and fast-growing tech startups.

Are you confident this person is not your Facebook or LinkedIn connection?  Or even worse, potentially your client.

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