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Top 10 Compliance Podcasts for March 2022

Need some inspiration for Fincrime, compliance and risk podcasts in March 2022? Here's what the Sigma team are listening to.

  1. Financial Crime Matters 

    In this podcast series, Kieran Beer (Chief Analyst at ACAMS) interviews the movers and shakers of the anti-financial crime world. Listen for fast-paced conversations about the latest financial scandal to hit newsstands, and insights on trending Financial Crime topics.

  2. Compliance Clarified – a podcast by Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence

    Compliance Clarified is a podcast from Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence. Listen to wide-ranging, insightful discussions on all things compliance for financial services firms. We delve into the hot topics of the day, the challenges faced and offer up practical ideas for emerging good practice. We de-mystify regulation and explore the art, as well as the science, of the ever-expanding role of the compliance officer.  Enforcements, digital transformation, regulatory change, governance, culture, conduct risk – anything and everything impacting the compliance function is up for discussion.

  3. Corruption Crime & Compliance

    The best-selling Compliance Handbook by Compliance Evangelist and Compliance Podcast Network founder, Tom Fox has been updated, revised and improved in its new Second Edition. This new podcast series will build upon the best ‘nuts and bolts’ Compliance Handbook around to provide you the best information on implementing and enhancing a best practices compliance program.

  4. Fintech Insider Podcast by 11:FS

    Fintech Insider by 11:FS is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to all things fintech, banking, technology and financial services. Hosted by a rotation of 11:FS experts including David Brear, Simon Taylor, Jason Bates, Sarah Kocianski and Ross Gallagher and joined weekly by a range of fantastic guests, they discuss the latest news, developments, and trends within the industry.

    On Fintech Insider Insights, they speak to subject matter experts for deep dives on APIs, AI, digital banking, and all other areas disrupting our industry. Fintech Insider Interviews brings you one-on-one interviews with the thought leaders and innovators transforming financial services.

  5. Life with GDPR

    How does GDPR, data privacy and data protection impact your business? In this podcast, Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance hosts Data Privacy/Data Security expert Jonathan Armstrong, co-founder of Cordery Compliance. They use the framework of GDPR to discuss a wide range of issues relating to data privacy and data protection. If you are a compliance professional, business leader or InfoSec security expert this is the podcast to learn about what is happening in the UK, EU, US and beyond.

  6. Trekking Through Compliance


    In this podcast series Tom Fox explores compliance through the lens of Star Trek - The Original Series in a 79-episode offering, movies and contemporary television shows. Each podcast reviews the episode creative team, story synopsis and three key lessons learned on compliance, leadership and governance. If you love Star Trek, this is the podcast series for you. So, listen over the next 79 episodes, revisit one of television’s great achievements and learn how you can use Star Trek to improve your corporate compliance program, as well as yourself as a compliance professional. 

  7. 1st Talk Compliance

    John Shegerian, Co-Founder and Chairman/CEO of ERI and co-author of the cybersecurity book, “the Insecurity of Everything” will be presenting a talk about cybersecurity titled “The Insecurity of Everything: How Hardware Data Security is Becoming the Most Important Topic in the World” and will share some of the latest information about the very real problem of hardware hacking in the world of healthcare and beyond and how that issue became even more serious during the pandemic, with so many people working from home. He will also be explaining critical information for health-related businesses to help them keep their private data – and the data of their patients and customers – protected!

  8. ABA Banking Journal 

    Bank executive insights, unique business strategies, regulatory updates from D.C., and fun banking stories—all this and more on the free ABA Banking Journal Podcast, brought to you in 20-minute episodes each week by the American Bankers Association’s award-winning podcast team.

  9. Accountability: The Heart of Compliance


    We have been getting accountability all wrong in the compliance industry. It's not a set of tasks - it's a way of thinking and it has to come from the heart as well as the head. On Accountability: The Heart of Compliance Tom Fox and Sam Silverstein dig into what accountability means to the corporate compliance function and business organizations and most significantly, how to make it an integral part of your culture.

  10. Fintech Focus 


    Join CSI's Andy Goldstein and Laura Sewell as they discuss the latest fintech and regtech topics with banking executives, industry experts and thought leaders. Listen to each episode here, or subscribe to Fintech Focus wherever you get your podcasts. 

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