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Sigma's Guide to AML Investigations

Download an overview of tools for analysts conducting AML investigations and key variables organizations need to consider when mitigating risk.

Sigma360's  White Paper Sigma's Guide to AML Investigations

As the world’s complexity increases, financial systems are changing rapidly, regulations are developing across the globe and financial crime typologies are evolving.

Sigma360's White Paper Guide Sigma's Guide to AML Investigations gives an overview of some of the tools available to analysts conducting AML investigations, as well as touches upon some of the key variables that organizations need to take into account when mitigating risk.

What's in the White Paper?

Discover the advantages and value that Sigma360 brings to AML investigations, improving outcomes and reducing risks.

As the world becomes more complex, financial institutions need to conduct due diligence to keep up with changing financial systems, regulations, and evolving financial crime. Analyst investigations play a crucial role in this process, providing visibility into client bases and assisting law enforcement in combating financial crime.

These investigations also help financial institutions stay ahead by monitoring negative news and uncovering connections that could cause regulatory issues.

This document provides an overview of investigation tools and key risk factors that organizations should consider when mitigating risk.

Sigma360 + AML Investigations

Sigma360 enables analysts to understand and employ a wide range of investigation tools to keep up with the expanding set of risk factors. We bring together over 100 billion data points from reliable sources, ensuring that the right information is searched for.

Sigma360's search tools are designed with advanced filtering capabilities, risk indicator classification, and adjustable search parameters to enhance investigations. We incorporate insights and recommendations from top investigators into their product design and user interface.

Revolutionizing AML investigations and empowering analysts with advanced tools and capabilities.

Enhanced Assessment

Predictive analytics for detecting suspicious activities, and real-time monitoring features.

Streamline Investigations

Simplifies + accelerates AML investigations so analysts work efficiently + effectively.

Compliance & Reporting

Supports compliance efforts and enables accurate + timely investigative reporting.

Regulatory Support

Compliance features, adherence to AML regulations, and audit trail capabilities.

Key Takeaways

AML investigations are crucial for financial institutions to detect and prevent money laundering activities.

Effective AML investigations require a combination of advanced technology, skilled analysts, and robust processes.

Collaboration and information sharing is essential for successful AML investigations.

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