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Sigma Ratings Makes Key Russia Data Available to Help Users Uncover Hidden Risks

Over the past week, the world has watched the crisis unfolding in Ukraine in disbelief, anger and fear.  Most of us watching from afar, including the Sigma team, have wondered what, if anything, we can do to help during this time. At Sigma, our expertise is risk intelligence data and the most valuable resource we can offer to support is our unique, data-driven insight.  

With over 10 billion data points in the Sigma database, we operate one of the world’s most comprehensive, fully integrated risk intelligence platforms. This includes up-to-date information on global sanctions so our clients can be confident that they are not in violation of those laws. Yet, our datasets help our users go much further than screening sanctions lists alone by uncovering connections and networks of risk.

With respect to Russia, Sigma datasets will help uncover relevant hidden risks beyond sanctions by focusing on companies and people connected to oligarchs, Vladimir Putin, and regions of Russian control.  These datasets identify over 100,000 companies and people with increased risk due to potential connections to the Russian regime - enabling users of our data to better understand if their customers, suppliers and vendors might be exposed to Russia.  

Specifically, we are making the Russia-focused datasets listed below available to be searched in the Sigma platform today, both for existing customers and for new users, for a trial period at no charge. 

Over the coming days, and weeks, we will expand and enrich these datasets as events continue to unfold.  

We believe it is important to get our data into the hands of as many financial institutions, fintechs, and multinational corporations as possible in the coming days and weeks to enable them to make informed risk decisions.  To find out how to access Sigma datasets, please reach out to

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