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Sigma Releases Expanded Russia Focused Datasets

Sigma continues to provide updated, improved screening for clients interested in understanding potential exposure to Russia, Russian Entities, and specific Russian individuals.

Sigma’s Russia-focused datasets have been updated to include personal data on 620 Russian intelligence officers who the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Directorate of Intelligence believes to be officers involved in “criminal activities” in Europe.

In addition to the newly added screening list, Sigma’s Russian-related data sets below continue to be updated, curated and refined as new information unfolds.

Oligarch Data

Sigma curated a unique list of companies directly and indirectly connected to the Oligarchs in the Russian Federation and Russian Parastatal Entities identified by the US Treasury Department. Many of these companies are not explicitly sanctioned - rather, we’ve identified connections to the oligarchs through news, regulatory filings and corporate ownership that Sigma has parsed. When a user searches for one of these companies, it will flag in Sigma data as an association risk.

Putin Connections Listed in Media

Sigma is actively tracking, integrating and maintaining publicly released lists of individuals that are identified with possible connections to Putin in media sources such as “Putin’s List”. When a user searches for one of these individuals, it will flag in Sigma data as adverse media.

Companies Identified as High Risk Based on Location

Sigma identifies entities that are potentially located in Donestk, Luhansk and Crimea as “highest risk” for use across various compliance and due diligence workflows. When a user searches for one of these companies, it will flag in Sigma data as a jurisdiction risk.

To find out how you can access Sigma’s Russia-focused datasets, please reach out to

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