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Unparalleled Global Coverage and Configurability

In addition to unrivaled coverage and configurability, Sigma News is now further aligned to recent FATF, FINCEN, and the EU’s 6th AML Directive guidance and recommendations.

Our recent initiatives continue to enhance and expand upon the Sigma News capability, providing additional value and coverage to our users across the entire due diligence spectrum.  

Specifically, work by Sigma’s data science and engineering team has expanded the power of Sigma News to allow users to both Search and Monitor entities more confidently with the following features and core capability updates: 

Truly Global News Coverage

Sigma has identified news and media coverage in over 200 countries and territories and incorporated them into Sigma News Search and Ongoing Monitoring.  Sigma clients can now engage confidently in both onboarding and ongoing due diligence, knowing that they are screening against comprehensive global news coverage.

Multilingual News Coverage

Sigma News models and media sourcing now cover 90% of spoken languages worldwide, including over 50 languages.  Clients benefit from seeing local, untranslated news articles (with an option to translate), and can now more easily add additional non-translated news sources for deeper coverage in specific geographic regions.

Risk-Focused ML News Models

To find relevant adverse media faster, Sigma News is now leveraging AI/ML tagging and categorization.  Through multiple AI/ML models that have been trained against human expert analysis and aligned with FATF guidelines , the European Union’s 6th AML Directive and more recent guidance from FinCEN around national AML priorities,  Sigma’s event tags allow for more consistent risk identification from news articles and more precise news alerting than traditional keyword tagging methodologies.  

Enhanced Configurability

To reduce ‘noise’, Sigma News now allows users to select preferred media sources and add new media sources if required.  Additionally, Sigma News users can configure which types of news events Sigma detects and monitors for, giving them the ability to select for screening and monitoring of parent and subsidiary relationships, and for key associated individuals at multiple levels.  

Analyst Verification Services

As an option, Sigma provides expert analyst verification and clearing of all news to further reduce noise and possible false positives.  Sigma’s global team of expert analysts can verify all identified news and validate findings before teams are alerted of a possible adverse news article or event.


Tony Lin,

Head of Product, Sigma Ratings

Sigma News is deployed via Sigma Terminal, Sigma’s AWS based data intelligence platform.  Sigma News is available via web-browser, or programmatically via API.  If you would like to learn more about Sigma News, and how we are driving modernized due diligence workflows with our data and technology, please reach out at

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