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See risk as it happens, anywhere in the world.

Upgrade your adverse media screening with Sigma360

Leverage cutting-edge technology, deep domain expertise and always-on global data to surface what matters most.  
  • Global coverage across all regions
  • 4 daily refreshes of the entire database
  • 17 risk categories to reduce noise 
  • Advanced location-based filters
  • Articles captured in 50+ languages
  • Associated parties identification
  • Filtering on publisher & publisher region 
  • Fewer duplicate events than ever
  • Relevancy and materiality scoring
  • PEPs and sanctioned individuals linking

Global Risk Event Heatmap

See how risk-related news is evolving week over week across risk categories and global regions. 

The below heatmap shows the numbers of identified adverse news events over the past 7 days compared to the previous 7 days.
Areas of significant increase are highlighted in dark red, while those of significant decrease are dark blue

See which news articles are linked to hot spots in the above heatmap.
Sigma360 Command Center
Reduce Onboarding and Investigations Time

Faster Time to Insight

  • Consolidated news and other contextualized information in one place at onboarding or via dynamic adverse media monitoring 
  • Access more than 220,000 sources mined for materiality and risk, and then tagged based on pre-set risk or on-the-fly risk client-driven risk configurations

Sigma360 Adverse Media
Work Smarter, Not Harder

Drive Productivity

  • Reduce unnecessary articles through smart configuration settings (e.g., location, match threshold, severity, etc.) and smart deduplication logic for better adverse media screening
  • Automatically connect and see adverse media alongside KYB and other Sigma360-derived risk indicators 

Screenshot UI-03-1
Easily integrate with any system

Plug and Play

  • Sigma360 adverse media and other tools integrate seamlessly into any CRM, case management solution or workflow 
  • Flexible deployment built for speed and scale

The Benefits Include

Sigma360-Risk-Intelligence-IconsAsset 9
Surface what matters as it happens

Sigma360-Risk-Intelligence-IconsAsset 28
See changes in risk at a local and global level

Sigma360 Ai-Powered Risk Intelligence Software - Icons Optimize your Operation
Configure risk types and materiality

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